A naval & maritime historian, I have previously been invited to speak by the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, British Army, United States Naval Academy, BBC, Sky News and other organisations.

I have been elected to sit as a council member for The Society for Nautical Research, The Navy Records Society, and The 1805 Club.

I regularly deliver talks and lectures on naval & maritime history, exploration, and maritime security and have previously worked on several documentaries. Please contact me if you think I am the right fit for your event or brand.

I spend most of my time outside of work rowing (gig & river) or with my dog, Gunner, but what was my multiple award winning outdoor blog previously can now be found under 'Outdoors' in the top menu.

Get in touch with me via contact@katejamieson.co.uk

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The UK is an island nation, connected to the world by seas and oceans. It’s prosperity and security are conditional upon the free flow of goods, services, people and data across, through (and under) the global commons, and the sustainable management of the maritime ecosystem on which its climate depends. However, recent academic discourse has highlighted a maritime vacuum in the national consciousness.

By reframing the conversation away from outmoded perspectives of ‘sea-blindness’ to one of ‘Ocean Literacy’, Maritime Britain seeks to explore the core role of the maritime sector in sustaining national security, prosperity, freedoms, and sustainability. In so doing, it aims to evolve the maritime argument, re-engaging decision makers to promote a coherent, positive and holistic long term approach to the nation’s engagement with the sea.

Sunken Warships