I've been interested in naval history since I was 8, when I first visited HMS Victory in Portsmouth. Since then I have continued to study everything I can about the Royal Navy, in particular during the long eighteenth century, including undertaking a MA in Naval History with the University of Exeter, with a focus on Master Gunners in the Royal Navy and their French & Danish counterparts.

I regularly deliver lectures online and in person, and these have been everything from primary school age assemblies, through to Royal Navy Trafalgar dinners and presentations to government ministers.

I have previously been invited to speak by the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, British Army, United States Navy, BBC, Sky News, the ISS, and National Geographic as an expert in the fields of naval history and maritime security (the day job)

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I have also been elected to sit on the Council for The Society for Nautical Research, The Navy Records Society and The 1805 Club.

Outside of work, I film documentaries, record podcasts, and deliver lectures on naval history for numerous organisations.

If you have a question I can help you with, or would like to contact me regarding speaking at your event, please don't hesitate to drop an email to