The Falklands

A huge thanks again to British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI), CBF, HMS Medway, and Falkland Islands Governor Alison Blake for their respective invites & hospitality over the past week.

A ‘fireside chat’ was a new concept to me, but being able to discuss Nelson’s leadership with so many (tri-service + Met Office) members of the mess was wonderfully engaging.

It was also a privilege to be able to visit Government House. Knowing so many people who fought in the Falklands War, and also having seen ‘An Ungentlemanly Act’, I found the building fascinating. Beautiful gardens, too!

I found a different angle for my Trafalgar dinner speech this year, which was fun, and specifically for Mount Pleasant. Even the RAF got a mention ✈️ and it was probably one of the most enjoyable Traf Nights I have spoken at.

I’m also hugely grateful to the education team for asking me to deliver a lecture to wider personnel on Monday night, with a focus on three chaps I rarely get to speak about but wish I could more – Shackleton, Amundsen, and Scott. Some wonderful questions received at the end.

I’ve sent an email separately to everyone thanking them, but just such a fun, engaging & enlightening few days in the Falklands.

Grateful to everyone who stopped me to ask questions in the corridor, took me battlefielding & attended my talks.

I already miss ‘Penguin Dartmoor’ 🇫🇰