5 tips to help you become a better skier…






Back in October, my friend Rory from Adventure Crew (click this) wrote a very tongue in cheek blog post about how to run trails faster.

Now winter is here, it got me thinking… How can those of us who ski become better?

Want to be up there with Lindsey Vonn, Candide et al this winter?

Read on…

1. Wear bright clothes

Firstly, you’re easier to spot in snow.

Secondly, it is a proven fact (maybe) that the brighter your vintage all in one is, the faster you ski and the cooler you look.

Extra speed points if you accessorise with a FILA headband.

2. Never french fry when you’re meant to pizza

You’re gonna have a bad time.

Ah youth.

3. ​Push that comfort zone… and skeleton

​You absolutely CAN ski down that mountain in 1 minute 23 seconds.

You absolutely CAN land that switch triple rodeo 1440.

​You may not have meant to do either of them, but these things happen…

4. Avoid snowboarders

If, by some stroke of misfortune, you encounter a snowboarder on the piste there are a few things you can do.

1. Don’t make eye contact
2. Make no sudden movements
3. Appear as large, bright and as tall as possible – those garish one pieces will help here
4. Remain calm
5. If approached, play dead

5. Before, during, apres…

​Vin chaud…
Minttu hot chocolate…
Jagerbombs…* Bonus points if served in ice.All of the above will keep you skiing far longer every day.Maybe not with the dream results, but who knows?!
Got some top skiing tips similar to those above you’d like to share?
Let loose in the comment section below.
* Obviously this is a joke, but it is the internet (and lord knows it’s filled with fun sponges) so in the interest of safety and disclosure ignore the above on the pistes kiddies. All except maybe number 2. Oh, and definitely number 1.