A Christmas Gift Guide For Adventure Lovers!





We have less than 1 month until Christmas Day. Panic stations, people!

I see lots of travel and beauty themed gift guides, but less for the adventure lovers amongst us. Most of them tend to be gear and outdoor clothing, which we all know and love! (Yes, there will be a post on this next week!)

Here are a few slightly more unique gifts that I think are worth a mention!

Custom OS Map – £16.99

​I am a sucker for an Ordnance Survey map. I have so many. When I saw that you can now create your own custom map, I was sold!You choose the area of the UK that you want your map to cover, then pick the scale – Explorer 1:25 000 or Landranger 1:50 000 and  lock the map area.There are three options available. Your standard folded OS Map, a flat version for framing or a canvas!

You can then customise the front cover with your own photo’s and text.

For the standard folded map it’s only £16.99 so why not treat the explorer in your life?

​Buy yours here!

​I love my scratch map, it’s the original white and gold version.​However, there is now a black and gold, slightly updated one which also includes the ability to scratch off the seven summits (if you’re off to climb them) I need to invest, purely so I can scratch off Kilimanjaro!I love these, as it serves as a visual reminder of where you’ve been and where you’re yet to visit!

I think they sell these at quite a few places online, but I found it on Not On The High Street for £16.95

Buy it here!

Scratch Map – £16.95

How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone – £12.99

​​Ok, so not many of us plan trips to war zones as a standard summer holiday, nor are we war correspondents.But for those who want to venture off the beaten track, perhaps to some more remote and slightly less safe locations, this book is a great, and very useful, read.

It covers topics such as how to escape from a riot, how to handle/treat frostbite, why a wall is not a great place to hide from flying bullets and even how to splint a broken limb.

Plus, it’s only £12.99 on Amazon right now.

Buy it here!

​A magazine subscription can be a great gift for someone who likes a monthly dose of inspiration to get out on an adventure! One of my favourites is Trail magazine. It’s full of routes, gear reviews and inspiration to get outside!Other great magazines for the adventurer in your life are

Prices for subscription vary but are on each of their websites 🙂

Magazine Subscriptions – Price Varies

UNICEF Inspired Gifts – Price Varies

​As those who love to head off on adventures and travel, we know the importance of clean drinking water and making sure our vaccinations are in place.However, these are things that many do not have access to. UNICEF have created a range of ‘inspired gifts’ and it couldn’t be any easier to help people in a simple and practical way!5000 water purification tablets for a family without access to clean drinking water is only £18 and 1000 Tetanus vaccines for children is £39.

Potentially saving a life for Christmas isn’t bad…

​All options are here!

​Want to get outside more, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps the thought of navigating with an OS map and compass petrifies you?

Why not book yourself or someone you know on to a 2 day map and mountain skills workshop run by Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion Jason Rawles, in the beautiful Welsh countryside?

All information is over on his website here!

Map & Mountain Skills Workshop – £120

Banff Mountain Film Festival – Approx £15

​The Banff Mountain Film Festival is, as the name suggests, held in Banff, Canada. However, after the winners have been chosen, a selection of these head off on a global tour. They visit most of the major cities in the UK and cover films about mountain biking to free skiing, from adventure loving dogs to rock climbing. Every year I leave inspired and so could you or the adventure seeking person in your life!

​Tickets are around £15 (this changes based on venue).

All information, including the trailer for this year, can be found here!

​If, like me, you are an outdoorsy person, the chances are you’ve head of the Buff brand. You can wear this multi function headwear as a scarf, a beanie, or a wristband, a neck warmer, a scrunchie or a headband.

They are so versatile. When I came across this world map version I impulse bought it, because A. I love a Buff and B. I love the idea that you can colour in the places you’ve been. Perfect for those with a giant bucket list!

​Buy it here for only £15 plus P&P

My Buff Map – £15

These are just a few options, I’ll be updating this gift guide in the weeks leading to Christmas!
​So keep your eyes posted!

What’s on your wishlist?