A resolution a month…






New years resolutions…

I don’t know about you, but I am actually terrible at keeping them.

I will go to the gym every day.
(A valiant idea, but sometimes Designated Survivor and the sofa wins)

I will save money.
(Well, that goes out the window as soon as I enter any outdoor shop)

Anyway, the list goes on…

In 2018, because I’m terrible at sticking to resolutions unless they’re set in stone, that’s what I’m doing.
Setting myself the challenge of completing one resolution per month.

It may be a challenge, it may be an adventure.
It may just be the bucket list items I never get round to actually doing…

1. Sword Beach to the Seine

In 2018, I will be cycling the route from Sword Beach (where my Grandad landed on D Day) to the Seine with my mum,  following the route the 12th Devons took.

The 12th Devons were due to go to war by glider and land behind enemy lines, but the aircraft of 38 and 46 Group  Troop Carrier Command were insufficient to manage the transport of the whole division in one airlift. The Devonshires, the junior battalion, were therefore required to go by sea, despite having no experience or training involving water or landing on beaches. They embarked at Tilbury for a long journey to their designated landing spot at Lyon sur Mer on Sword Beach.

The reason we’re doing this?

​Grandad has just been awarded the Legion d’Honneur, the highest French order for military and civil merits and it seems a fitting tribute.

2. London to Paris

Last year, I hated cycling…

And so here I am, route mapped and some potential dates in mind to cycle from London to Paris…

​Why not?

3. Race to The Stones

Stupidly, I have agreed to enter an ultra marathon with a friend.

​I’m not doing the full 100k because frankly I would die and my knee would hate me forever, but 50k seems far enough!

I always said I wanted to run a marathon, so at least now I have something to aim for?

4. 3 Peaks

This one is very knee and annual leave dependent…

But it’s a different type of 3 peaks challenge, so you’ll have to wait and see 😉

5. Complete my ML Qualification

This one will probably take the best part of the year, but it’s in motion already so hopefully by 2019 I’ll be a fully qualified Mountain Leader.

6. Make a difference…

A lot of the events I’m doing, I am doing because I want to… but if I can raise money in the process then I intend to.

In 2018, I’m choosing to support The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Team Rubicon and The Royal British Legion.

7. Get over my fear of kit

“Kate, you have an entire room of kit!” I hear you proclaim. However, that’s not the issue, clearly. I am starting to get better with climbing when I’m with people I know, but we realised this year that my fear is not of heights, or falling (well, a little bit is attributed to those things, naturally) but of a lack of trust in the kit. Which is a stupid fear to have, but there we are. Challenging myself to get over that in 2018!

8. Coast to Coast

Not just one, but 4 in 2018.

9. Sail the 3 Peaks

Still working on my brother for this one as it’s his yacht I need! But I have every hope that he will do his wonderful big sister a favour!

10. Buy a house

“You already have a house Kate”

Correct, I have my flat and I love it, but in 2018 I want to get an adventure hound, and that means upgrading my flat to something slightly more dog friendly…

​Plus, it means I can have an actual kit room for all my outdoor gear!

11. Learn a new skill

I’ve not decided what yet, so all suggestions are welcome!

12. Believe in myself

Yes, yes, yes… I know. Leaving the cheesy one until last.

​It’s something I struggle with a lot though and something I’ve got better at this year, so maybe by the end of 2018 I’ll have solved the problem!

So those are my 12 resolutions/goals/challenges for 2018.I have no doubt that a few extras will be thrown in along the way but that’s who I am!

What resolutions are you setting for yourself in 2018?