Craghoppers Kiwi Trekking Pants: Review






It takes a lot for me to rave about a piece of outdoor clothing, and a lot of testing usually.​And so when I was sent the Kiwi Trekking Pants to review, put them through their paces I did!

​And rave, I shall…

But before I start I will also apologise for the quality of these photos. My camera died (again) and I lost the nice ones a friend took whilst we were on a walk, so I had to go solo and try to photograph them myself.

Think it’s time to buy a tripod…

Anyway, back to the reviewing!

Ok, so firstly these aren’t trousers.

They are what can only be described as button up leggings.
That being said, it’s one of the things I absolutely love about them.
They’re stretchy, fit well and don’t fall down!

I have a weird clothes size thanks to the Kardashian hips and often have to go up a size, meaning trousers are then loose around my waist (a problem I know I’m not alone in sharing) and these still fit so well.


No back gaps. No muffin tops. They just fit and are very true to size.

​I sometimes find in Craghoppers clothes I have to go down a size, but these seem to fit the best out of all the kit I’ve tried so far.

There are pockets.
​Most legging-like items of clothing never have pockets, and these have a few decently sized ones.

​We all love our pockets!

It’s Britain… how did these hold up in the inevitable weather… rain.Brilliantly.

In a good amount of mizzly rain, I didn’t feel like I needed waterproofs at any point, and they dried out pretty fast when the sun came out as well. On top of this, in the sun they’re breathable and not too hot – something I often find with leggings!

These are obviously created for the outdoors, and they performed in every way, but they would be the perfect trousers to take travelling too, as they look just as good with a top/shirt/hoody.

The perfect item to wear when moving from the hills to the pub!

The only negative I have on them is that they’re a little on the short side for me. I have a 34″ inside leg and so these are above my ankle, but as I tend to tuck leggings in the top of my boots anyway, it’s not a game changer of a problem!

They retail on the Craghoppers website for £45 in sizes 6-18.
Why not avoid ‘The Trouserless Nightmare’ and get yourself a pair for the winter!
* I was kindly sent these by Craghoppers but, as ever, it is my honest opinion!