The D of E Challenge!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the DofE Awards at Buckingham Palace earlier this year by a friend.
​I met some truly inspiring people and I know first hand, as a D of E Silver Award holder, how it can change lives.
So many people were talking about the D of E Challenge on the day. This is your chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone and raise money for the DofE Charity. Everyone can take part, no matter what your age or ability!As long as it’s a challenge it counts.

If I could help fundraise to make the Award more widely available to young people who will reap the benefits, then I had to get involved!Initially I was going to just be cycling the Trafalgar Way, but then I thought why not make the challenge even bigger…

The Camelot Challenge

On the 23rd of September I am running (with some walking, let’s be honest, as I’ve not ran a lot since dislocating my kneecap last year) The Camelot Challenge.The Camelot Challenge is a half marathon for walkers and runners, set in the rolling Somerset & Dorset countyside, passing through stunning landscapes and places steeped in Arthurian legend.

“Now in its 5th year the annual Camelot Challenge is back for 2017. Bigger, badder and more twisted than before this circular half marathon takes you through the stunning countryside of the Somerset / Dorset border. There’s a free lunch half way for all participants and if you run too fast for lunch there’s mountains of cake at the end too.”


On Friday 29th September I will be jumping out of a perfectly working aircraft with my brother (also a DofE Award Holder).​I won my jump as part of a blogging award and thought why not use it as an extra way to raise funds for the Award and get more young people out on crazy adventures and out of their comfort zones!

Cycling the Trafalgar Way

We all know I’m a massive naval history geek by now, or at least John Humphrys and THAT black chair do… ??
I’ve wanted to complete the 271 mile Trafalgar Way from Pendennis Point in Falmouth to the Admiralty in London since the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar in 2005…

And so, 12 years later, here we are!

I am the Queen of Procrastination! 

Source: OS Maps

I’ll be cycling the route taken by Lieutenant Lapenotière from HMS Pickle, taking news of victory at Trafalgar and of Nelson’s death.​I’ll be doing this over a couple of weekends in October (so I don’t need to take days off of work) and finishing at Nelson’s Column on 4th November (Pickle Night) or the day that Lt Lapenotiere started his journey from Pendennis Point!

Lapenotière’s journey from Pendennis Point to the Admiralty was about 271 miles, took him 37 hours and 21 stops to change horses on the way!

If you would like to donate and help more young people get involved with the life changing Duke of Edinburgh’s Award then click the link below!

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Want your own challenge?

Got a plan?Head over to the D of E Challenge website – here – and get registered!

It can be anything from skydiving, to learning a new skill, to climbing a mountain
(I’m looking at you, Love Adventures!)

​Now, where did I put my lycra..?