Electric EG3.5 Goggles



The ski season is in full swing.
It’s dumping in the Alps.

Ok, so in reality most of the lifts and pistes are being closed all over the shop from too much snow (I always find this odd) but it doesn’t do anything to put us off booking a winter holiday!

With plenty of good deals coming up, it’s time to start getting booked on adventures and packing.

One thing I needed before my next ski trip was some goggles (my last got a little destroyed in carriage) and so when The Board Basement kindly sent some over, I was very grateful.

 The above goggles by Electric are from their 2016 range, and the colours match my ski kit perfectly. One of the only times I don’t wear blue, but pink!

They come in 8 colours though, so if you don’t want pink, you’re bound to find one you love!

These goggles are designed for people who would rather have a smaller goggle, usually because they have a slightly smaller face! Ladies, we have been thought of! My face isn’t tiny (a weird thing to say) but I find these fit perfectly thanks to the frame design being designed to fit the contours of your face, and they are very comfortable.

There’s also no goggle gap when I put them on with my helmet… Phew! 😉

The lenses are press fit and so you can change them as quickly as the weather conditions require you to. We all know how useful that is!!! This lens is jet black and very very dark – just what you want in bright, sunny conditions! The goggles also came with a free green low light lens .All of their lenses offer 100% UV protection too. To top all that off the peripheral vision is incredible and you can see so much more unobstructed than with other goggles I’ve tried.

They don’t appear to fog up (always a good sign) and the lenses have a anti-scratch coating too. Good for people who like to pretend we’re Lindsey Vonn, before taking the inevitable flying lesson in the snow *ahem*

 The Board Basement, based down in Exeter, is an online snowboarding store. They decided that they wanted to help people fight against the cost of snowsports, and wanted to help people with good kit at great prices! 

These goggles are going to be a firm favourite to my winter kit bag, and I can’t rave about them enough without even having got on the slopes yet.

If you want these, they retail for £180, but you can get them from The Board Basement for £105 currently… Err bargain?! I think so.

Now… time to get on the slopes.

Happy winter, everyone!