Mountain Monday – Guest Bloggers Wanted

Following the success of the Mountain Monday series on my blog, I want to expand this and spread my love of the mountains with the world. As such, I thought I’d allow some more lovely guest bloggers to get involved, as all of your posts have been incredible!

​Hopefully we can inspire so many people to love the great outdoors as much as we do!

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What you need to know…

1. Topics must have a focus around Mountains. It can be about a ski resort, a mountain climb, some great gear you used recently that’s suitable for the hills/mountains, the choice is really up to you.
At home, abroad, anywhere! It’s a very open topic!

2. All pictures and content must be your own.

3. Post length is up to you!

4. I will assign a date to anyone who wants to get involved!

5. When sending a post, let me know where you want each picture to be placed. If you email me the post as a word document it may be easier.

6. Content and Pictures must be received 1 day before the upload date at the latest 🙂

7. Remember to include any social media links you want sharing in the post!


Either head over to the Contact page on my blog and send me a message there, or ping me an email at

​I promise to reply within 24 hours to all emails.