I saw three ships…




and a yacht. This yacht in fact.

On Saturday we took my brother’s house (he lives on his own yacht, I’m not jealous) out for a sail around Plymouth Sound.

My gran came down and fully embraced the nautical life, even taking the helm at one point.

There’s not a lot to say particularly, so this is more of a photo post, embracing the nautical life and enjoying the Plymouth scenery. For once we were not rained on… almost unheard of.

​As an ex Plymouth student I know that the position of the city between the sea and Dartmoor always makes for some wonderful liquid sunshine filled days.

We were only out for around 3 hours, but we were blessed with real sunshine, a bit of a swell and some favourable winds.

As you can see, we were very lucky with this weather and Plymouth is a beautiful place to sail. So if you ever get the opportunity to head down here (even if only to take one of the Brittany Ferries, I urge you to do so!