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Earlier this year my lovely blogging friend and fellow GetOutside Champion Zoe, over at Splodz Blogz posted about her favourite Instagram accounts and it was such a great way to come across some accounts I’d not followed.With the new pesky algorithm it can be so much harder to see photos that you want to see, and follow people that you want to follow, so I thought I would follow Zoe’s lead and share 20 of my favourite instagram accounts and the ones that keep me inspired to live my most adventurous life!

1. Ordnance Survey – @ordnancesurvey

The heads of the #GetOutside Champions, creators of outdoor memories, ruler of the maps that we use almost daily and also full of inspirational scenery and trig point views!If they can’t inspire you to #GetOutside then nobody can!

2. Zoe aka Splodz! – @splodz

A fellow GetOutside Champion (and the one I stole the idea for this post from) her Instagram feed is full of beautiful scenery. She also champions #OneHourOutside so if you’re not already involved, then what are you waiting for?!

3. Ben – @bensnapsstuff

I can’t remember how I came across Ben’s instagram feed, but it is just packed with inspiring photos of people running in the great outdoors. My physio has finally signed me off to start running again and so his feed keeps me super motivated! On top of this, next year he’ll be part of a team crossing the 700km frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia!

4. Lisa Wells – @lisawells00

A trainee Mountain leader, her feed is full of beautiful scenery from our island nation

5. Jess – @jstein_explores

An ambassador for Choose Mountains, Gregory Packs, Mtn Chicks and Among the Wild, her feed has definitely given me a need to run away to the US for some adventures!

6. David Love – @_loveadventures

David is an Army officer, mountaineer, expedition leader and survival instructor with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, as well as being a Brand Ambassador for Craghoppers. One of the most inspirational people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and his feed is packed with mountains and beautiful views!

7. CLIF Bar – @clifbar

If you’re at all outdoorsy, you’re likely to have come across CLIF Bar on any number of occasions!

Otherworldly. Incredible capture by CLIF Fan @_marcelsiebert. Adventure on! #FeedYourAdventure

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8. Ben Tibbetts – @bentibbettsphotography

Ben is an adventure photographer and mountain guide.​His feed is just beautiful and if you like a mountain, you’re set…

9. Tania Noakes – @tania.noakes

Tania is an IFMGA Mountain Guide, Adventurer and Writer. I came across her after reading a BMC article (click here) a year or so ago and her feed is full of mountain inspiration, keeping me motivated!

Styling on the Chamonix granite… #salewa #granite #summersmiles

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10. Holly Budge – @hollybudge

Holly is an adventurer & mountaineer. This year she summitted Everest, but she was also the first woman to Skydive Everest, has raced 1000kms across Mongolia on horseback and is passionately fighting for elephants!

And another Summit photo! □ Still pinching myself!! #everesteveryday

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11. Ben James – @benjj2000

Ben is a mountaineer from Cornwall, he’s traversed Iceland unsupported and is heading for the High Atlas 4000s in 2018.

12. Cathy O’Dowd

Cathy is an inspirational speaker & author as well as being the first woman to climb Everest from both sides.

13. Erin Sullivan – @erinoutdoors

Erin is a travelling photographer & writer, based in LA but frequently off around the globe!

14. Lowe Alpine – @lowe.alpine

They need no introductions!

15. Lizzie Carr – @lizzie_outside

Another fellow GetOutside Champion. Not only is she a world record holder and adventurer, but she’s also an environmentalist, currently running plastic patrols and helping clear up the UK’s waterways!

16. Rory – @rorysouthworth

Rory just ran the Coast to Coast. He’s supported by Alpkit, Sigg, Xero Shoes & fuelled by Trek Bars.

16.5 Aspen the Mountain Pup – @aspenthemountainpup

I had to…

This is my idea of a luxury hotel. □

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17. Scott – @scott_mac1

Scott is a GetOutside Champion, lover of the Lake District and creator of the famous pose #DoingAScott

18. The Adventurer Club – @theadventurerclub

Formed by fellow GetOutside Champion Jason Rawles, The Adventurer Club is here to reconnect you with your inner adventurer and make the world a better place. Find out more here!

19. Zoe – @caffeinated__unicorn

Zoe is one of my good friends from home who is now off travelling round Australia and drinking lots of coffee along the way!

20. Fi Photos @​fi_bee24

Fi is a professional alpine photographer!

Me, obviously – @_adventuresofkate_

Who are your favourite Instagram accounts?