Learning to Fly with FLYZermatt






Ok, so not exactly learning to fly.

It was a tandem paragliding experience, but regardless it was fun, enjoyable and I got to live all possible dreams of being a superhero/eagle/plane.

As you may have seen on social media, over the past fortnight I’ve been in the French and Swiss Alps, and any trip to see the Matterhorn would not have been complete without seeing it from every possible perspective, no?

I’d wanted to paraglide for years (and also to climb the Matterhorn, but at the moment this one as far more achievable) and so as an early birthday present from my mum, off I headed to the FLYZermatt office and booked in for a paragliding session…

There are so many different flight options based on the time of year, conditions & weather so it’s well worth checking out the website here! 

The flight I chose was the Classic Flight from the 3100m high peak of the Rothorn, with amazing views of the Matterhorn and surrounding mountains!

We were in the air for around 20-25 minutes and it flew by (no pun intended…)

The cost was 220CHF, about £175, but there’s an optional extra of 40 CHF to buy the GoPro footage if you want to (I did, obviously) and also your lift ticket for the flight.

There’s not much more to say, so I’ll let the photo’s do the talking!

If you’re in Zermatt, this is definitely one of those ‘must do’ activities!

They even gave us a beer when we get back to the office… Winner? I think so.

The views? Breathtaking.
The pilots? Superb.
The experience? Exhilarating.

I’ll definitely be doing this again… perhaps from higher up next time!

Have you ever been paragliding? Would you like to?