Mountain Monday – A Sunny Summit of Snowdon





How’s that for some Monday morning alliteration?!

A couple of months ago I took my brother up his first mountain, Snowdon.

We set off on Friday night after work and started the 5 hour drive to the car park at Pen Y Pass, getting there at 1am and grabbing the final parking space! We had a few uncomfortable hours sleep in the car, whilst waiting for the rain and fog to clear a little, before deciding to just go for it.

We walked up the Pyg Track and down the Miners.

We weren’t expecting any good views, but the achievement of getting to the top was worth it anyway… And as it turned out we were lucky…

​A little different for a Mountain Monday post, I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking this time!


Obligatory dab photo for my brother to ‘send to the boys’

Most importantly, I think my brother had a great time and I’ve since seen him up on Dartmoor a lot, spending a lot more time outside!​Snowdon is just beautiful, but as with every outdoor walking trip, please make sure you go prepared with everything you may need, take water and dress appropriately. The walk up is not technically difficult, but if you think you can do it in flip flops or a denim skirt and dolly shoes (yes, we saw that) then you are mistaken.

Well, if you’re lucky, you’ll make it to the summit, but it won’t be comfortable…

Be prepared, but most importantly GetOutside and have fun! 🙂