Mountain Monday – Beating the Monday Monotony






How do you spend your Monday mornings?

Do you sit at your desk wondering where the weekend went and thinking about what could have been? Or are your legs sore from being on an adventure, and your cheeks glowing with pride at a job well done and a head full of memories that can’t wipe the smile from your face?

I know which I prefer! So, let’s make a deal shall we? Let’s plan some weekend mountain adventures so we are benefitting from the latter rather than suffering from the former…

There are some principles of adventure that need to be considered-

  1. Adventure is for EVERYONE irrespective of age, race, sex or ability.
  2. Planning adventures is a lot easier than you think and in fact, it’s so much fun once the maps come out.
  3. Don’t worry if if you’re feeling a little scared or wary, there is a wealth of information to help you build your confidence and competence.
  4. Adventure isn’t just biggest mountains on the hardest routes. It’s getting out there and doing something, even if a small mountain with little legs, it all counts!
  5. Adventure WILL help you be healthier, have more fun, sleep better, make more friends and open up your world.

I’m very fortunate to live in the mountains of North Wales so I’d like to share some of my favourite experiences to help you plan your weekends. Firstly, the highest mountain in England and Wales is on my door step. The mighty Snowdon. There is something for everyone on this mountain from hard routes to easy paths. There’s even a train to the summit for people less able.

Below is a link to a route on Snowdon that I really enjoy. It was written for Ordnance Survey as part of their #GetOutside initiative and you can see details –

However, there are other paths, and the Snowdonia National Park website is a great resource to help. That said, if you need or would like a Guide, you can always give me a shout and I’ll help or point in the right direction.

Secondly, a lesser known mountain, the beautiful Moel Eilio. It’s something that can be done with little legs as a day out. A whole day route for those looking to expand their time in the mountains. It can be linked up with a summit of Snowdon for those who are fitter and can be a sunrise/sunset jaunt for before or after work. It’s one of my very favourites.

If you use OS Maps you can search for the route and either extra the GPX file or map it against your own map. It’s a beautiful, beautiful route and one of my all time favourites. Email me on if you can’t find it.

Just a small word of warning. Mountains and the mountain environment can sometimes not be for the faint hearted. It’s like Mother Nature wants to give you a nice tickle under the chin and then a slap in the chops if you’ve not been prepared.

​Some cheeky pointers –

  1. Know your own capabilities and act accordingly. Remember, adventure isn’t just biggest and longest, it’s about doing something.
  2. If you don’t have the skills it’s okay, there are places to learn, and resources online but nothing beats actually getting outside and doing something.
  3. A lot of the effort of success comes even before you put your boots on. Checking weather, planning timings, packing kit, planning the route, letting people know where you’re going etc.
  4. Do consider emergencies and emergency procedures – things sometimes just happen and you need to have a plan.
  5. Have fun with it!

If you’re looking to improve your skills and capabilities, you could book time with me on one of my Map and Mountain Skills Workshops. I don’t run many so act fast to avoid disappointment. These weekends are geared up to leave you confident, competent, and raring to #GetOutside!

​Details in the below blog –

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