Mountain Monday – Mynyddoedd yn y gwaed

Mynyddoedd yn y gwaed” translates from Welsh (my mother tongue) to “Mountains in the blood”
When I was invited by Kate to write a blog post for Mountain Monday I was super excited, but when I sat down in front of my keyboard I hit a blank! Where do you start? Mountains mean so much to so many, in such differing ways.

So I left my keyboard, and did what I do when I need to clear my head, GetOutside! It was during my walk that it hit me; I could never hope to tell you what mountains mean to everyone, but I can tell you what they mean to me!

Mountains are all around me as I am fortunate enough to have been born and raised in Snowdonia. They form that constant backdrop to my day to day life, and when time permits I love to get up amongst them. Who wouldn’t? Some of the biggest names in UK mountains within striking distance.

Walking the mountains has been a part of my life since an early age, my first memory of which was walking to the summit of y Cnicht from Croesor with my father, and being instantly hooked!

Since then I lace up those walking boots as often as time permits to explore and to unwind. This includes the usual honeypots such as Snowdon to the more secret Snowdonia locations such as Clogwyn y Garreg.

This passion has more recently turned into a creative expression, in the form of co-founding Mud and Routes with my fellow mountain walker, business partner and friend Dave (at which point I should credit him for most of the pics in this article).

Mud and Routes is a free to access website where we try to provide quality free walking routes and hints and tips for likeminded outdoor enthusiasts.  Take a quick look – I’m sure you’ll love it!

I’m proud to have been chosen as part of the Mud and Routes team, to be an Ordnance Survey GetOutside champion! Championing and inspiring more to GetOutside and enjoy the great British outdoors, including of course those great mountains we have!

The eagle eyed among you may have spotted that my first name is Tryfan, yes like that famous mountain in Snowdonia! Don’t know what I’m on about? Seriously? Then check it out.

Rare to be named after the UK’s favourite mountain you may say, but wait there’s more. My elder brother is named Berwyn, after the Berwyn hills, and my youngest brother is named Carnedd, after the largest areas of land over 900m outside of Scotland!

Now you start to appreciate that mountains not only reflect my father’s passion for walking (and my mother’s willingness to go with the naming policy!) nor my way of escaping the daily grind, nor even my hobby. But they are all that and more; they are an inherent part of me, part of my bond with my brothers, a fundamental part of the makeup of my family . . . simply put – mountains are in my blood!

If you’re as passionate about mountains as I am, then please feel free to share your adventures with me via any of the following . . . and be sure to pay a visit!

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