My 2016 Resolutions




My new year’s resolutions for 2015 were the same as ever, lose some weight, do something useful, travel here or there… I tried not to set any in stone as I’m that serial resolution-er who never sticks to anything! I did set one, a fitness challenge, to enter something like a triathlon. Well, that didn’t happen… I did enter and finish Tough Mudder though and am now hooked, can’t wait for this year. So if one good came from completing a resolution, it’s that I have discovered a new fondness for mud and pain!


So, my goals/resolutions for this coming year are as follows…

  1. Lose some more inches. I realised over the past year and from training with a coach that weight is insignificant and not worth stressing over. I lost a significant number of inches, but actually didn’t change weight. By the end of 2016 I want to fit back in to a dress I bought at 19. Only a few more inches to go and I’m there, so keeping active as last year and eating well 95% of the time!
  2. Complete Tough Mudder again. This one is a bit of a cheat as I’m already planning to, but I want to be fitter and more able to pull myself up and over walls, without needing as much assistance as last year!
  3. Devote more time to studying. I’d liked to have finished my course or be closer to it, but the fact I’ve been doing the work of 2 people and some of the work usually given to my bosses means I’m mentally and physically exhausted. I get in from work, go to the gym to de-stress, and then writing an essay is the last thing I want to do. I have now written an essay/study plan to get it done and I’m sticking to it. Even if it does mean becoming a hermit at weekends.
  4. Save money. Someone asked me last week why I needed to save money now I own my flat? Unfortunately the saving never ends, I want to save for new flooring, a new sink in my bathroom, a desk for my spare room, to go on more holidays and escape duty weekends. Plus, I have service charges, so if I save for them monthly it’s much less to deal with when they come round and I’ll have it set aside! The savings list is endless.
  5. Travel often. Linked to the above I want to escape the UK on a more frequent basis, and now I’m paying less for my mortgage than I did on rent, I can afford the odd weekend away somewhere if I want. I just need to do it.
  6. Read and Blog more. This one is obvious. I miss reading, it’s one of the few things I enjoy but can’t seem to find the time to do, outside of a quick half an hour before bed. I’ve only started blogging recently as a fun thing to stress relieve mainly, but I really enjoy it, and about 300 views a day is pretty good, I think (you’re all lovely!)
  7. Be more selfish. At the moment I seem to spend every weekend working. Even when I’m not on duty, people ring me about work and that’s my relaxing weekend gone. I love my job so much, but I don’t actually remember the last time I had a day to myself (this includes working Christmas Day 14 / 15 & a 2 hour phone call when I was in Seville for a friends wedding) so now if I’m not duty, I’m turning my phone off and I’m not going to be contactable. I need to start having a break, I’m making myself so ill and run down because the last time I stopped completely was Jan 14…
  8. Get a dog. Another reason I’m saving… I can take my dog to work with me if I want, so it would never be left alone all day, and when I get in after a stressful day at work I’ll have to go for a walk, which is good because some days I just want to sleep and be lazy. I won’t be able to do this 🙂
  9. Finish decorating my flat. So many plans, so many trips to B&Q ahead. Ugh, hate DIY shops. Love painting though!
  10. Try to stress less. I get so anxious and worked up about everything for no real reason so need to stop! Sleeping more would probably help 🙂

What are your resolutions? Do you usually stick to them?