Mountain Monday – On Doing the Best You Can, With What You Have








I would like to tell you all about something I am incredibly passionate about – hiking kit!
But this isn’t your average kit review – and let me explain to you why.

Last summer, after years of armchair adventuring, I set out on my first long distance walk and big challenge; Wainwright’s Coast to Coast.

This 192 mile trail takes you from the Irish Sea to the North Sea over lakes, dales, and moors!

Shortly after setting off on our adventure, and faced with the looming mountains of the Lake District, I realised that everyone had much better kit than me. From super light, expensive tents to carbon fibre walking poles, most seemed well equipped to tackle the challenge.

There I stood, with my old heavy tent, second hand walking pole, and cheap waterproof jacket, wondering just what I had let my ill prepared self in for!

Would I be able to keep up?
Would I be able to make it over the mountains?


The thing is, there will always be someone with more expensive, newer kit, From the veteran mountaineer to the ultra light fell runner, some one at some point, will make you feel like what you have is inferior. I’m writing, to tell you this:-

Don’t listen to them.

Don’t be intimidated about wanting to start hiking, or take on a challenge because you don’t have all the big name, shiny, expensive, kit.

It doesn’t matter.

The things that will help you most down the line, won’t have a price tag.
Do the best you can, with what you have.

So just take a deep breath, and step out from behind that door.

I’ll meet you there…

This week’s post comes courtesy of Laura Kitching.
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