The Top 10 Beaches in Barbados

Barbados, an Eastern Caribbean Island, is home to world-class beaches on all 4 sides – North, South, East and West of the island. Whether you are looking for a sandy and calming beach with soft shores and waves or you are seeking adventure with cliffs and wild waves around, Barbados is just the place for you to escape from your tough routine and daily life towards some days of calmness, serenity, and relaxation… almost heaven on earth.

The best part is that there are luxury resorts and villas on the beach in Barbados, where you can spend quality time with your family and loved ones and enjoy to the fullest. The beaches in Barbados offer so many different water-related activities which you can do all day long, such as, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, walking or just plain soaking up the sun. Everyone has their own likes and preferences!

Mullins Beach

This is a very popular beach amongst the locals and the tourists on the west coast. The beach is surrounded by golden sands and the sea is very calm. You can swim there and also enjoy water sports such as jet skiing and snorkeling. There is a bar behind the beach where you can have food, drinks, and snacks all at an affordable rate and there are beach loungers available!

Crane Beach

Crane Beach lies towards the south coast. This sandy beach is a great spot for picnics and the sand gives off a light pink color that is beautiful to see. You can rent parasols and loungers, but also enjoy drinks and snacks from the bar. The waves are generally pretty high but are great for swimming or snorkelling. You could even try cliff diving! The kids will need supervision whilst swimming, or they can swim at the farthest end of the beach where the water is shallow.

Accra Beach

It is also known as Rockley Beach. It is one of the widest beaches on the coast with a powdery sand and shore. The waves aren’t that high, which makes it a great spot for families who want to swim, snorkel or body board. There are also food, jewellery, and clothing stalls, so it is an ideal place to spend a day!

Silver Sands Beach

Just as the name suggests, the beach is surrounded by white and silver sands. The beach is famous internationally for kitesurfing and windsurfing and is generally full of people riding high up the waves. Due to the wind direction, it is globally recognized as one of the best beaches for windsurfing. Every February, Silver Sands Beach holds the Waterman Festival, full of watersports challenges!

Dover Beach

Dover Beach is located on the south coast of Barbados. The wide sands and high waves are excellent for water sports. You can go snorkeling or surfing with your friends or even go swimming with the tropical fish in the sea. Take a long stroll on soft and powdery sands or enjoy a cricket or football match on the Dover field.


This is a must visit! The beach of Bathsheba lies on the east coast and the sand is golden, wide and fascinating. The waves are perfect for surfing and it’s a very popular spot, in fact, it’s known as the soup bowl of surfers! However, if you are not into surfing then you can enjoy a dip in the various hand-carved pools and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the town and beach.

Bottom Bay Beach

This is the perfect picnic spot for tourists and local residents. It lies on the South East of the Island and is surrounded by a pink hued sand, lined with high & rugged cliffs and coconut palm trees. The water is not generally ideal for swimming as it has large waves, but you can walk the beach and take in the views!

Bath Beach

Lying on the Atlantic coast, this is the best beach for swimming. It lacks the high waves and undertow characteristics of the other beaches which makes it one of the best beaches for swimming. It’s a perfect family getaway, as it can be reached by public transport and there is also parking available. There’s even an artificial waterfall!

Miami Beach

This beach is also known as the Enterprise Beach. It is situated on the south coast and lies in the center. There is a fishing town nearby, where they give out the very popular flying fish sandwiches every Friday. So make sure whenever you go, you taste these! You can come here and relax with your family and friends, swimming and relaxing. It is enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

Gibbes Beach

Away from the residential area and hidden away, is a beautiful stretch of wide golden sands. It lies on the north part of the west coast. This beach is untouched by man and has palms, sand, and turquoise water. You will find yourself mesmerized by the beauty of the beach and the luxury villas nearby!


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