Top Places To Get Away For Some Winter Sun







If the thought of the good old Great British weather fills you with dread, it could be time to start planning a winter getaway. There’s no doubt the rain and wind we’ve been experiencing lately is beginning to put the idea of a white Christmas to bed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go and enjoy the fluffy stuff in another part of the world. However, if that’s not your bag and you’re longing for some glorious sunshine and a relaxing holiday away from the dreary weather, taking a look at some winter sun options is a great alternative.

Getting away this time of the year is also reasonably affordable, including those places that have a little luxury thrown in too. You could even check out cheap business class flights and enjoy some added extras on your trip.

Take a look at the top places to fly this winter:

The Canary Islands

For those looking for winter sun and locations that have something for everyone, The Canary Islands are an ideal option. Its sub-tropical climate means you’ll enjoy temperatures in the 20s while everyone else is freezing back in the UK. Each island has a range of experiences including stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes and lively nightspots. Depending on your holiday style, each place has something to offer. If you’re looking for more pleasant weather during your stay, opt for the south coast to get the enjoy the sunshine.

Cape Verde

Just off the coast of West Africa, you’ll find the spectacular islands of Cape Verde. Here you can enjoy temperatures around the mid-twenties and spend your days sunning yourself on its sandy beaches. If you’re looking for some lively community vibes in the evening, Sal and Boa Vista have some vibrant options and a fun music scene to indulge in. Accommodation is affordable too, and you can enjoy a luxury stay for a fraction of the cost compared to long-haul counterparts.


For glitz and glamour head to Dubai this winter. Enjoying year-round sun and hot temperatures, this destination has it all for anyone looking for an added slice of luxury. The buildings, hotels and beaches are simply breathtaking, and you can also head out on a camel safari in the desert. This spot is more pricey than other destinations, but if you’re looking for a short yet memorable break, this is an ideal location.


For anyone looking to indulge in a longer trip away from the UK winter, Mexico has plenty to offer. You can expect temperatures in the twenties plus a myriad of beautiful beaches and tropical landscapes. This time of year is reasonable too, and there is a range of locations and accommodation to choose from depending on your budget. For those looking to relish local culture and a vibrant nightlife, head to Cancun for all the action.

There are a variety of beautiful destinations that offer the perfect way to spend your winter holidays. So check out the best deals and see where the New Year could take you.