Tough Mudder





I’ve not posted for a month. Work has been hectic and life sort of got in the way!

On 22 Aug 15, I ran my first Tough Mudder. I entered a few months ago and was initially planning to enter with my boyfriend, who then was entering as part of his work team. As I didn’t want to go solo, my mum came along (not sure she knew what she was letting herself in for)

Helpfully, the weeks leading up to Tough Mudder were not the best for either of us. Lots of late nights working, tonsillitis, flu and general stress didn’t lend itself to productive and regular training.

As such, we turned up having not fully prepared and it’s fairly safe to say, we were a little worried!.

To the start line…

We went to the warm up section and fully pumped up to the Rocky theme tune before reciting the Tough Mudder Pledge – including ‘I do not whine, kids whine’ – and started our jog to the start line (over a wall)

Once we got to the start, we had another pep talk and we were off… At midday, at approx 26 degrees. It was very hot and the only downfall of the whole day was that the water stations were spaced a little too far apart, though that may have just been my fault for not drinking enough prior to beginning…

The obstacles along the way were all fine. I didn’t do Cry Baby as I have had the worst cough for ages and it won’t go, it said not to enter this obstacle if you have respiratory problems (and also if you’re allergic to bacon, which I feel was odd, and that would be a sad existence…) and it would have finished me off.  Arctic Enema was definitely up there in my favourite obstacles though, partly as it was red hot yesterday so the ice water was welcome, and partly because it was actually enjoyable. Maybe I’m just weird…

I also didn’t make Everest as I tweaked my calf muscle at the Quagmire obstacle just prior to it, but we managed our way around. I had to walk some parts as I just couldn’t keep running in the heat, and partly because I definitely didn’t prepare and do enough cardio, but there were a lot of people walking so I didn’t feel as much of a failure as I thought I was! A lot of people gave encouragement on their way round as well (including one guy who shouted that a bear was chasing me. I was dubious but started to run anyway)

I had a brief moment of hesitation on Walk the Plank, and I’m not sure why as I’m usually the first to jump off rocks in to the sea. I think it was because it was so muddy, or partly because by this point I was starting to flag. Nevertheless, my mum did it, and the TM volunteer at the top said that I had to if she had or he’d push me. I did say that’s probably not allowed, and he said he’d make it look like an accident, so with that I jumped!

You can see how tired I was by this point, I look ready for bed! Still smiling though!

I think I’ll write another blog post with some tips for each obstacle when I get another 5 minutes!

C’est fini…

And like that we were finished, the time flew by really and it was so much fun. We ran through Electroshock Therapy, had a nice few volts pass through us (ouch!) and were greeted with our headband, t-shirt and a bottle of cider, which was very welcome.

What I wore…

As always I was in my trusty Under Armour gear. I had my ColdGear leggings (they have a new type now so these aren’t on the site anymore), which didn’t prove to be heavy, didn’t fall down and miraculously didn’t end up with any holes in them, and my HeatGear Women’s UA Fly-By

 Stretch Mesh Tank and my Nike trainers, which in hindsight weren’t the best as they weren’t really running trainers and as such had little to no grip on the slippery downhill parts!I did see a nice DryRobe in the Mudder Village though and they looked so cosy. Definitely a fan!

Until next time!

So, despite not training heavily, we finished it. Next time I’ll go with more preparation, more idea

of what to expect and some better CV endurance! I am so proud and grateful to my mum for

coming along with me and for finishing, thankful to Dan Mitchell Fitness for getting my gym strength up since Christmas and for my family/ boyfriend for the support 🙂


See you next year, Tough Mudder!
Training starts tomorrow!

Determined to get over some of the obstacles with less help!