Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink…








Ok, so I’m not about to hit you with some super portable salt water filter, the ancient mariner will have to keep singing his rime for a little longer, but I do have a brilliant piece of kit for you.

I saw the Water-to-Go bottles around everywhere last year. People I follow on social media were taking them from Africa to Dartmoor. From Mongolia to the Amazon.

​I read in to the science behind them and knew I had to get one…

About Water-to-Go

The Water-to-Go filters were born from research undertaken by NASA. They combine 3 different technologies and all nasty bugs and beasties are filtered to well in excess of 99.9%. You can drink any water, anywhere, with no nasty side effects or illness…

If you’re at all adventurous, and especially if you spend a lot of time in the middle of nowhere, these are brilliant. After activating the filter for 15 minutes, you’re good to go!

They filter fluoride, chlorine, lead, cholera, E Coli, Hepatitis A, parasite eggs, legionella… the list goes on.

Ok, so you won’t encounter all of those in the UK, but it’s also just a handy bit of kit to have with you on the hills. I usually take a 2L hydration bladder with me as standard, but my Water-to-Go bottle comes with me every time, usually empty, in case I need it.

In the Alps, it was so hot that I was getting through the water in my hydration bladder faster than anticipated.

I could have bought a bottle of water at the refuge I was walking to, but:

A. I’d be buying a plastic bottle that couldn’t be reused.

B. That small bottle of water would have cost £3.50… No thanks.
C. There was an entire glacial lake at my disposal!

And so, I filled my bottle up with lake water and drank my ice cold water whilst I sat enjoying the views, it also meant I had enough water left for my descent.

I’ve filled mine up in lakes, rivers, ponds, snow, all sorts…

To test the theory that they really did filter anything, I even filled it up from a muddy puddle on a  run, and the water came out perfectly drinkable and didn’t taste awful!

I truly believe this product is a lifesaving bit of kit and on top of that, you’re reducing the amount of plastic that goes to waste in the world, and that’s always a good thing!

Obviously, you should always take water with you on any walk, but it’s so handy to have this in your pack in case of an emergency. It’s earned a permanent spot in my pack for any adventure!

Water-to-Go bottles come in two sizes; the 75cl bottle filters 200 litres and lasts 3 months and the 50cl GO! bottle lasts 130 litres or 2 months. At the end of those, you just screw a new filter in and away you go…


​The GO! Bottle comes in 4 different colours and is more lightweight and suited for sports or popping in a smaller bag. It’s £12.99 and the replacement filters are £7.99 each.


The bottle I have is the 75cl bottle and cost me £24.99, it comes in 6 different colours, some of which are even branded to raise awareness of charities, such as The Hunger Project, and the filters are £17.99 for a pack of two.


Thanks to a new partnership between myself and Water to Go I can now help you out with a 15% discount on your own too!

Click here to find out more and use KATE15 at checkout 🙂

Mine comes absolutely everywhere with me now and I wouldn’t be without it. If you’re heading out in to the sticks on an adventure and you don’t want the hassle (or taste) of chlorine or iodine tablets, then this is the answer!