Why you should have a Wild Night Out this weekend…






I know what you’re thinking…

But no, not that kind of wild night out!

Saturday 1st of July is the day of Britain’s Wild Adventure! 🙂

A day (and night, obviously) encouraging everyone (from families and friends who have never camped in their life, to keen explorers) to GetOutside and be inspired!

“Research from Natural England shows that one in nine children in England have not been to a natural environment in the past 12 months. Instead, children are spending an average of six hours a day in front of a screen. That’s roughly half of their waking time (Source PHE).” – Wild Night Out


What can I do for my Wild Night Out?

​You could go wild swimming, hiking, cycling, climbing trees, exploring your local national park…​The possibilities really are endless.

Finding your adventure and having a great time in the process is the most important thing!

At the end of it all? Spend the night under the stars! 

This doesn’t have to mean yomping across the moors to find a wild camping spot, it could even be your back garden!

Of course if you want to bivvy on the moors, you can do! It’s your adventure to find!

I’m planning on making my whole weekend an adventure…

I’ve never been to Snowdonia (I know, Little Miss Kilimanjaro hasn’t climbed Snowdon, we are all appalled) and so this weekend I am Wales-bound with my brother, who hasn’t been on a hiking expedition since his D of E as a teenager!

He sails yachts for a living, so this will be a totally different adventure for him, and a mountain adventure in to deepest, darkest Wales for me…

​One with some historical significance too – Snowdon was used by Edmund Hillary in training for the 1953 ascent of Mount Everest.

Personally I’m excited to be away from my desk. Sitting in an office all week drives me crazy and come the weekend I need fresh air. it’s good for your mind, your health and the views are usually amazing wherever you head! Being outside is just so beneficial, and adding in an adventure? Well, I’m sold.

Want to know more? Need some inspiration?

Want to know more or find some inspiring ideas for your own Wild Night Out?

Head over to the main website – here – and get yourself outside!

You can also get some ideas by following #GetOutside and #OSWildNightOut on social media!

If you aren’t able to go on a Wild Night Out yourself, you can still donate to the chosen charities (Youth Adventure Trust and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award) and help fundraise for future generations of adventurers and explorers!

Planning a Wild Night Out already? Do you want to?
​Let me know in the comments below what you’re going to get up to!