Winter Travel: Top Destinations




It might be snow, it might be sun – here is a list to get you started on choosing a great place to explore for your winter travels.


You love the soak up the sun and dream of soft white sand and crystal blue waters. Hot days and balmy nights are okay with you any time of the year. If that sounds like you, then these destinations are right up your street.


Well, as it is known as the sunshine state, is it little wonder that you’re probably going to want to go here once in your life. If you want a warm winter getaway, then check out Key West or Miami.

The Caribbean

That sounds pretty broad, but there are more than 7,000 islands for you to explore. It is a tropical paradise. Caicos, Turks, Cuba, and Barbados are more than worth your time and attention. The local culture is something you won’t forget in a hurry, and you will be back time and again. Just remember when heading here for winter sun, you’ll pay peak prices. That is the busy season.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Can anyone say – Carnival? The bright and bubbly celebration marks the beginning of Lent, and might just be the perfect excuse to head to Brazil. When you are here aside from all of the delicious food, spend as much time as you can on the beaches, and take a look at Christ the Redeemer too.


If you are dreaming of catered ski chalets, big slopes, hot chocolates, and the perfect pair of snow boots, then these locations might just be the perfect place for you.


The French Alps are frankly breathtaking. And we could leave that section there, but really when Paris is blanketed in snow, the romance you see in the movies feels real. Aim to take a trip around December time so you can indulge in mulled wine, walk around the

Christmas market and have the most spectacular views from the Eiffel Tower. Heading out of the capital, then the only place you should be going is Meribel.

British Columbia, Canada

It is a huge travel destination and garners the attention of 15 million tourists each year. And it isn’t hard to see why. If you are in the mood for skiing, snowboarding, and sledding, then you are going to love Whistle. Although it would be best if you spent some time looking at the scenery as much as the snow sports.

Hokkaido, Japan

If you are ready to have a big dose of culture and beauty, then Hokkaido is the place to be. It is the northernmost island of Japan and remains the coldest all year round. From hot springs, the freshest foods and a Snow Festival in January and February make it one of the must-see places for snow lovers.

So when it comes down to it, are you going for the summer sun or the snow fun? Both have their perks, and who doesn’t love a winter adventure?

*collaborative post