10 Reasons to GetOutside More This Year






As you may be aware, I’m one of the Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champions this year, helping and inspiring you to GetOutside in 2017 in the beautiful UK!

We all know that there are a myriad of benefits to being outside, and I am much happier when out and about, instead of sat indoors, at my desk.

​That’s why I make the most of the great outdoors at every possible opportunity.

Here are 10 reasons why I think everyone needs to GetOutside this year!

1. Reduced Stress Levels

My job is very high pressured, I am thinking about work 24/7, 365 days a year, and often thinking in a LOT of different time zones. I often work out of hours, and when I am at work, I’m that person who refuses to take a break in order to get everything finished, much to the dismay of my bosses, who have now started forcing me to.

So when I get outside after work for even a walk or a bike ride, I switch my phone off and just exist. Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast if I’m walking through town but most of the time I just enjoy walking and ignoring my emails/phone.

It’s amazing what good being outdoors can really do.

(And it doesn’t have to be a hike – it can literally be a walk around where you live)

2. Nature Is Beautiful

Wherever you walk, you are bound to find beauty!

It could be your local park, a nature reserve, a mountain…

I am a sucker for a good view (who isn’t?)

This view from the summit of Snowdon has even been voted the best view in the UK

3. It Keeps You Healthy

As well as reducing the stress hormone cortisol, exercising outdoors has the added benefit of lowering both your blood pressure and your heart rate.Always ill?
​Run down?
​Being outside can improve the function of your immune system too. I noticed a huge difference in how frequently I was unwell since making sure most of my workouts are outside!

4. Improved Sleep Quality

If, like me, you struggle to sleep, then getting outside may be the answer to your problems.

Our circadian rhythms are linked to the sun,. and so if you spend too much time indoors, under artificial light, it can affect this and, in turn, our sleep patterns!

If you can manage to GetOutside in the mornings even for a short amount of time for some much needed sunlight, it can help to normalise your sleep cycles.

5. An Increase In Motivation

Still finding it a struggle to GetOutside?
Had a long day and feel like doing nothing more than sitting watching Netflix?

Believe me, we all have those days, but why not set yourself a challenge?

Perhaps you want to be able to run 5k?
Perhaps your goal is to climb a mountain?
Perhaps you want to increase the amount of steps you take daily?
Maybe your goal is simply to just spend more time outdoors.

As I said, getting outside doesn’t have to mean hiking across the moors, it can be as simple as spending more time in the garden, surrounded by nature, getting fresh air.

Make it a challenge, and reward yourself when you complete it. 

6. Increased Fitness Levels

People who spend time outdoors are often more active than those who spend most of their time inside. Not only are you increasing your activity levels, it helps with all the health issues mentioned up there^.

There are so many activities you can do whilst outside as well!

Swimming, circuit training, cycling, hiking…

7. You Can Learn New Things & Take Chances

Want to learn to use a map and compass? You can! Click here for some handy guides.
​Want to learn about plants and animals? Why not pick up books or even download an app.
Want to learn a new skill? Why not join an outdoor club, learn a new sport & make friends whilst you’re at it.
Want to add a purpose to your walk? Geocaching is a great way to do this!
Want to get the kids outside? Why not make some fun map based games, or a nature trail?

​There really is something for everyone.

8. A Boost in Concentration

There’s a reason they tell you to step outside every now and then at work. being outside can boost both your memory and concentration, it also increases your focus as there are far fewer distractions.

9. Fresh Air

If, like me, you live in a town – you will know how heavily polluted the air can often be.

Cars, air fresheners, chemicals, building site dust… but get away from the roads, find a park and you’ll be surprised at the difference in the air.

Not sure where your closest park is? OS Maps have just introduced a Greenspaces layer, in order to make finding your local Greenspace much easier and encourage people to GetOutside in nature!

Parks, playing fields, allotments are all mapped.

It couldn’t be easier to GetOutside where you live!

​Find out more here – OS Greenspaces

10. It’s Fun

What better reason do you need?

​GetOutside and fill up your cup with adventure this year!