Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Boot: Review





We all know the line about ladies loving their shoes… Well, I do anyway.

I have so many pairs of walking boots and shoes that I could possibly open a shop. My mum frequently comments that I don’t need so many, as I’m not an octopus and only have one pair of feet.

She is correct, of course, but they are all completely different…

My current favourites for longer hikes are my Lowa Renegades.

​I was sent these a couple of months ago, but I like to fully test boots out, hence the delay in posting this!

So why the delay? 

It’s all well and good wearing boots on a couple of walks and saying ‘oh look how amazing they are’, but the possibility is always there for them to break your feet the next time, and yes it can happen, believe me!

I wanted to truly put these through their paces, and through their paces I have put them.

From short walks to yomps across Dartmoor, they’ve been through bogs, rivers, fords, mud (lots of mud) and are still as  perfect as the day I received them in the post.

They are also very, very comfortable and I don’t say that lightly.

They are the first pair of boots I haven’t had to break in. The Lowa Renegade is specially designed for women’s feet and there has been no rubbing, no blisters, no achey feet.

​They just fit perfectly.

They have a GORE-TEX® lining which keeps your feet waterproof, regulates the temperature and keeps them breathable. The upper layer is made of Nubuck leather, which did get wet, but didn’t let any moisture in to the boot.

​My feet remained dry and cosy at all times.

They have built in support for the ankle and heel, a little more than my Keen boots, and without feeling heavy. They weigh 880g for the pair, so also heavier than my Keens but not really noticeable once on.

The grip is great and the Vibram soles mean no stacking it on wet grass, bog or scree… 

These boots are just my absolute favourites. My feet have been as comfy 3 miles in as they have 26!

I can’t recommend them enough and if you are going to buy one pair of boots, these should definitely be on your list to try!

They retail for £150 and mine are the Anthracite/Turquoise Colour! (naturally) 

* I was sent these to review, but as ever this is my honest opinion – as shown by the fact I now live in these boots!