Kitshack – National Geographic Himalaian Buff –  Review






I was recently contacted by Kitshack, who asked if I would like to review one of their new Buff’s from the Autumn/Winter collection. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a buff. I have a whole drawer in my cupboard full of fleece Buffs and Buffs of every conceivable colour and pattern, including world and UK maps!They’ve accompanied me from Ten Tors as a teenager, to the summit of Kilimanjaro!

For those who don’t know, a Buff is a tube scarf, but it is so much more than just a scarf. It can also be worn as a neck warmer, a face mask, a beanie, a balaclava, a headband to keep hair off your face, a wristband, a hood, a sunguard, a bandana, a sahariane, a head scarf or even a scrunchie!

A very versatile bit of kit, I think you’ll agree?!

In keeping with my plans of heading to Nepal (when I eventually save up enough money) I chose the National Geographic Himalaian Multi Buff.

Partly because if ever a Buff could inspire adventure, it would be this one, but also because I prefer the thinner Buffs as I don’t like feeling too hot around my neck when walking.

Not only are they super versatile and very light (meaning they also pack well) they are also designed to keep you warm whilst wicking away moisture, so you don’t end up with a soggy piece of fabric on your face! It’s treated with Polygiene too, meaning it will remain fresh as the silver ions prevent the build up of bacteria in the fabric.The detailing on this Buff is incredible as well, there’s been a lot of care and thought put in to this design.


As I said, if any Buff can inspire me to save my money and head out to the Himalayas, this will be it!

Plus, they’re not that expensive either, this Buff retails at £16.75, which is very reasonable!As I said, I’m a sucker for good kit that’s lightweight but also warm, and this delivers on all accounts!

Even on a very windswept day in the New Forest!

If you want to look at the Autumn/Winter range on the Kitshack site, I can highly recommend it and have popped a link to this Buff below as well!I also recommend you set aside a few hours.

​There are so many, and it was a tough decision to make, but I got there eventually, and now I can’t stop wearing it!
Do you have a Buff, would you buy one? What pattern would you go for?
* I was kindly sent this by Kitshack for review purposes, but as ever it is my honest, and now very cosy, opinion 🙂