Strength Training Tips You Need To Know

If you are planning to change up your lifestyle before 2019 ends and make a splash in the fitness scene, strength training could be a great way for you to change your life and your routine for the better. Building the strength of your body through muscles is a great way to stay fit and healthy for longer and it can have a positive impact on your life as a whole.

Today we are taking a look at some handy tips you need to know if you want to train your body this year.

Try the farmers walk 

We all know what the farmers walk is even if we don’t recognise the name… This exercise involves heavy weights on a bar across the shoulder as you walk forward and try to carry them. It is a common strong man exercise and a popular one to try. You can find this article to farmers walk to see how you can use it this year.

Warm up and cool down

Exercising with heavy weights can be a dangerous thing if you don’t prepare your body in advance, and it is crucial for you to take the time to warm your body up to elongate your muscles and joints before a workout, and cool down to help your body calm down afterwards.

If you don’t do these steps every day it can be a huge issue because you may end up tearing a muscle.

Focus on form 

When weight training, you need to think about more than just the weight that you use. Although it helps to use heavy weights for your exercises, you will also want to focus on your form and make sure that you are doing the lifts correctly. This is the most important part of your training because it will allow you to focus on the correct muscles and it will also allow you to avoid hurting yourself.

Remember to hold 

When weight training, you need to think about your endurance as well as your lifting. It is important for you to think about how you lift as well as lifting as many times as you can. The correct process for a lift is to lift, hold for 3 seconds, and then slowly lower the weight. The whole time you have the weights in your hand your muscles should be engaged and this will help to build your strength much easier.

Breathing is key 

Breathing is an important part of weight training and you will want to think about the best way to breathe during an exercise. For example, you should try to exhale to help you pull against resistance when lifting, and then inhale as you release a lift and relax the body.

Increase slowly 

When weight training it is always important to keep increasing the weight that you use for your lifts. A lot of the time it can take a while for you to feel comfortable with one weight, and it is only at this point that you should consider upping the weight you use a little bit. As you work out frequently it will become apparent that you are getting stronger by the minute. As you eat stronger and stronger this will allow you to increase weight SLOWLY to challenge yourself. It is important that you do this slowly because if not you could overwhelm your muscles and cause some real damage which prevents you from training at all.

Stick with your routine 

When training the body it is important for you to come up with different methods for keeping the body active and working. You will want to train different parts of the body every few days to keep the strength up across your entire body and this is something which can be a huge help for you when training. Come up with a routine where you challenge a different body part every day and stick to this routine always. This will ensure that you grow your body simultaneously and evenly.

Have a rest 

Although you might have the motivation to workout every single day and work your body to the max, you need to be aware that your body is still vulnerable and still needs time to recover between sessions. Make the time to have a rest between workouts and ensure that you can let those muscles repair. Eat plenty of protein filled food and ensure that you have the time to repair those muscles and get them ready and raring for the next session.