Time For A Sunny Christmas Break?

The Met Office still promises us the coldest winter in 50 years. If you’ve first heard the news about it a few months ago, chances are that you’ve been wondering through October wondering why the temperatures remained so high. October was, indeed, mild for the season. The warm weather seems to remain constant for the time being, as we are still to experience the freezing cold promised. Needless to say, Met Office commentators have since made the news to explain that they can’t, in fact, forecast the weather more than 30 days ahead.

However, just in case you do worry about a white Christmas and hate the idea of clearing snow off your drive during the festive season, now’s the time to plan your Christmas getaway under the sun. Here are the top three favourite destinations for a bit of Christmas warmth.

Pack your bikini and get to Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys one of the most comfortably warm December season in the southern hemisphere with daily temperatures around 27 to 29°C. If you fancy swimming, the sea is around 26°C – which is probably twice as warm as the typical summer holiday in Wales. Admittedly, you’ll need to book your flights to Mauritius reasonably early to get the best price; however, you can still find last minute offers and discounts. When it comes to accommodations, you might enjoy switching the traditional hotel rooms for an Airbnb home, which can prove more advantageous. More importantly, renting a place with its own kitchen gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh local ingredients, which are not only delicious but surprisingly cheap compared to the British market.

Have yourself a pirate-inspired Christmas in the Caribbean 

Ah, sea, sand and… rum! There’s always a festive atmosphere in the Carribean. If you’ve enjoyed Jack Sparrow’s world, you’ll find that some of the locals have a similar passion for rum and fun. Nothing can make Christmas more exotic than enjoying a glass of spicy rum in Barbados. The Cayman Islands have their own Caribbean Santa, wearing shorts and flip-flops, who can take you to visit the most decorated homes. But if you fancy visiting a real pirate seaport, you might want to head to Port Royal or Tortuga to dive into the local pirate legends.

Staying close to home: Sicily

Finally, if you’re attached to the Christmas tree and the traditional celebrations — but you still want plenty of sun – Sicily is the place to visit. With its typical warm winter weather – on average 20°C – you’ll enjoy walking down the old centre of Palermo to look at the seasonal decorations and taste some of the most delicious Christmas sweets. If you arrive before Christmas, you may be able to spot the small altars filled with local fruits on the facades of houses, dedicated to the Holy family. And if you want a memorable experience, head to the “Presepe Vivente” by Trapani, where the locals dress up to re-enact nativity scenes.

If you’re not looking forward to a cold Christmas, there’s still time for you to book your holiday in a warm destination. Sicily, Mauritius and the Caribbean islands are the ultimate favourites, year after year, as they offer the perfect combination of quirkiness, warmth and cosy holiday feelings.