Why Adventure Holidaymakers Should Consider a Walking Holiday








There is nothing greater than an exhilarating adventure holiday.

​These are the type of trips that really open your eyes and have a lasting impact, plus they always provide so many great stories to share with your friends.

A lot of people think an adventure holiday has to involve throwing yourself out of a plane, bungee jumping or pushing yourself to the limit, but this isn’t always true…

True Adventure

Adventure is all about experiencing new places, meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone.

You don’t have to put your body through gruelling challenges to do this… Instead, you can find all the adventure that you need in a walking holiday. Walking holidays are fantastic because they are as physically demanding as you want them to be, and this means that not only are they are suitable for people of all ages, but also a good form of exercise.

​They can also show you the great beauty of the world, encourage you to meet new people and try new things along the way.

Authentic Experience

Walking holidays are quite unlike any other type and they are incredibly rewarding once you stop, often being treated to amazing views of the area.

Most people only visit the main attractions of a country and skip the rest, but it is in these places where you see the real heart and soul of a country and get to meet the locals.

​This ensures that you get an authentic experience on a walking holiday, that most other tourists miss out on.

A Beautiful World

There are many wonderful places around the world that are well suited to this type of trip – you could opt for a simple UK walking holiday and explore this country’s superb countryside, or even travel to South America to see the dramatic landscape and numerous tourist attractions.

Other options include Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

I recently headed to the Alps and was not disappointed at all!

Organised Walking Trips

To get the most out of your walking holiday, and if you’re not feeling confident in your outdoor abilities, you could book with a walking holiday organiser.

This takes all the stress out of organising the trip yourself as everything will be arranged for you, plus it also means that you won’t get lost along the way!

​The organised walking holidays can be guided and in groups for a fun and informative trip, but you could opt for a self-guided trip too. I prefer self guiding as you can head where you like, but there’s no one size fits all!

Walking really is one of the best ways to see a country, not just the tourist attractions.

They can be incredibly rewarding and have a lasting impact, plus you are spoilt for choice with so many stunning locations to choose from…

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